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I’m working on a lace scarf.  This is not terribly unusual.  What is unusual is that I am knitting with my own handspun for the first time. Remember Lavender Hedgerow? I’ve decided to knit Mirabelle with it.  It’s a beautifully … Continue reading

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Spinning – Hydrangeas

Isn’t this the prettiest roving? I absolutely love it.  I bought it from AlohaBlu on Etsy.  I’m especially pleased about this because she’s one of my readers.  You all should check out her store, it’s filled with pretty things for … Continue reading

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Surprise Update

My surprise knitting is coming along well, if slowly.  I still can’t post a proper picture or the pattern I’m using as that could easily give it away… but here’s a look at how it’s coming along. I love how … Continue reading

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Finished Flowerbox

Flowerbox is finished.  It ended up as just about 440 yards of chain plied fingering weight yarn.  It’s 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon. It’s filled with beautiful greens, blues, purple, pinks (they’re in there…), and grays.  It was … Continue reading

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Flowerbox – Still Spinning

Well, I’m still working on Flowerbox.  It’s going slowly, but at least it’s going.  I’ve had much less free time since starting my new job, and all my crafting has predictably suffered from a lack of time.  Still, everything gets … Continue reading

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Spinning – Flowerbox

I’m a part of a fiber club.  This actually caused a bit of confusion the other day as many people thought I meant dietary fiber.  As funny and embarrassing as that was, I meant spinning fiber. The club is NoTwoSnowflakes … Continue reading

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Lavender Hedgerow – Finished!

I have to admit, I basically finished this yarn last week.  I had both singles spun up, but was just too lazy to ply them together.  They’ve been sitting on my coffee table needing only the last little bit of … Continue reading

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