About Kali

Hello.  My name is Kali.  I’m a woman in my late 20’s with more creative energy than I can seem to use up.  I write and am currently working on my first book – you’ll learn more about that in my blog.  I’m also a knitter, a spinner of yarn, a beader, and a cook.  I’d love to get a loom and learn how to weave, but there’s just no more room in my apartment.  I’m married to Rob, the most wonderful man on the planet, and we are lucky enough to be allowed to share the lives of two perfect little dogs: Ella and Logan (both girls).


2 Responses to About Kali

  1. Julie M says:

    You DO have a lot of creative energy! But then, so did I in my late 20’s ;>0
    Do you have enuf of the Flowerbox to knit the Fountain Pen Shawl? Or maybe a simpler, kerchief/shawlette at least? I linked to your blog through Ravelry.
    Julie in Minneapolis

    • tospinayarn says:

      I bet I have enough for a lacy scarf, but not nearly enough for a shawl. I think if I can find some sort of basic lace pattern then the color changes (which are quite random) will be less disruptive.

      As for the creative energy… I have much less since I started work again. I’m struggling to get two blog posts up a week!

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