Wesley’s Stocking

Last year, right after Thanksgiving, I came up with a brilliant plan: Design and knit THREE Christmas Stockings for Wesley, Rob, and myself, all in less than a month.  I knew it was crazy.  Typing it now I still know I was crazy. Back then when I told people what I was doing, I even told them I was crazy.  Turns out, I was right.  It was completely crazy.  Wesley’s stocking, the only one I even started, has been languishing since December 21, when it was completely obvious I was not going to finish in time for Christmas.

I sketched out patterns…


I decided on color palettes, this one being mostly final…


I finalized the pattern and order I wanted to use… I even color coded it, though that changed on the fly as I decided certain things did and did not work.


And I knit…


I’m actually most of the way done.  I’m working on one large snowflake motif at the top, then just need to add his name and a border, before working in an afterthought heel at the dark green line in the middle of the cream.  It’s really not a lot.  If I actually pick it up and knit on it, this stocking will ABSOLUTELY be done in time for Christmas.  Heck, I could finish it, and start designing and knitting two more.  That doesn’t seem like enough pressure for one season, though.  Maybe I’ll wait for summer.

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1 Response to Wesley’s Stocking

  1. AlohaBlu says:

    Kali! Oh my goodness – this looks amazing already. I’ve got two stockings to finish before Xmas (felt sewing kit and needlepoint) and your early start for 3 is inspiring! Please keep posting photos – I can’t wait to see how these turn out 🙂

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