Denver Cowl

I’m posting this now in hopes it is forgotten by Christmas, because I have one Christmas present finished!  I have no idea who it is for, but it is done.  (Really, if you like this let me know, and it might find its way to you.)



It’s a Denver Cowl.  It’s actually a great pattern because it’s designed to be used with highly variegated yarn like Miss Babs Yowza!, which is what I used. I have a bunch of her yarn sitting in my stash, Miss Babs being my favorite hand dyer, and this lovely skein of Excitement jumped out to be turned into a cowl.



I know they aren’t spectacular pictures, but I’m rather OK with that as it might keep the excitement of someone unwrapping it in another 8 months while hopefully giving you a fairly clear visual of the cowl in case you’d like to try it yourself.


I only used half a skein of Yowza! and could easily get a second cowl out of it.  Or maybe some matching fingerless mitts.  A headband?  I’m not sure.  Something else will be made to match.  Probably.

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