Wesley’s Hoodie

Perhaps what I am most proud of knitting this past year was Wesley’s Hoodie.  Ironically, the hood doesn’t fit very well, but he doesn’t like it anyway so I call it a draw.  The rest of the sweater is perfect, though.  See?



Well, except for the hood. And the sleeves are too long.  But really, I’m calling it perfect anyway.


I started with the Nate Hoodie pattern and a basic idea.  I wanted it to be boyish, but a little less crazily variegated than the models.  Instead of a variegated body, I wanted the variegated accent color.  I thought Wesley would look wonderful in the leftover Crop Circles from Kieran’s Blanket and decided on Knit Picks Swish Worsted in White to set off the green.  I’m really rather pleased with how it turned out.  My vision is not always accurate to the end result.

Because I wanted something extra on there, I designed a dragon on graph paper and then stitched it on afterwards using a darning needle and duplicate stitch.


I was going to do a burst of fire in a different color, but decided it was too much and deleted it from the final design.  Simple complicated is better than complicated complicated, right?  (Woof, what an awful sentence.)


I knit it two sizes too large for the fall, but he’s wearing that size now and winter is just coming to an end down here, so it was good planning all around.  It will be fun thinking about what to make for him next year. I’ve got a whole 100+ degree summer ahead of me to plan for a month of cold.

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