Back in October I started really picking up my knitting again.  I hadn’t done a whole lot last year, partially because of the baby, partially because Texas is so darn hot, and partially because I had enough to do without trying to make time for extra things, no matter how much I enjoyed them.  But, the right yarn and project came along, and I was able to find my way back to a hobby I’ve enjoyed for a decade.

There were a few false starts, projects I still haven’t picked back up or finished, before I found Trillian. It’s a pretty cool little garter stitch scarf with a very mild crescent shape and some interesting but easy lace.  I quite like the shape, and if I ever knit another one I might actually follow the pattern, but I wanted mine to be triangular, so I modified it.  No one should be surprised.  I never knit, cook, bake, bead, spin, etc, anything the way the directions say to.  That probably says something about me, but I’m going to leave that on the shelf for right now and pretend it doesn’t.




I used Miss Babs Big Silk in the Everything Nice colorway, which is absolutely heavenly yarn.  I’m actually waiting for them to restock the website so I can buy more I enjoyed knitting with it so much.  It’s so soft, incredibly cushy, and surprisingly warm.  And who doesn’t love this color?


For most of this past winter, this was my go-to scarf.  If it was too cold to go out in just a shirt, but too warm for a coat (and I do believe I’ve just described most of Texas winters), I’d wrap on this baby, toss on a light sweatshirt and go. It even made a few appearances at exercise class.

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One Response to Trillian

  1. Beautiful project! I can imagine it being difficult to knit in the heat. But I am such a summer person. Can’t wait for it to warm up around here!

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