Dog Star Filigree, Finished

I finished the Dog Star Filigree shawl I was test knitting the other night.  I think it turned out absolutely beautifully.  The yarn and the pattern were perfect compliments, neither overshadowing the other, both looking better for the pairing.

My only problem with this scarf/shawl is that it is far too warm in Texas to need to wear it 95% of the year.  And really, that’s not a terrible problem.

If you would like to knit your own Dog Star Filigree, you can get the pattern here when it is released in a week or two. To use the same yarn I did, you can pick a color from Twisted Fiber Arts and choose “Muse, Double Evolution” as your purchasing option.  My color, primrose, was a limited colorway, but she has plenty of other lovely ones.

The finished measurements of my Dog Star were 17.5″ by 66″, so if you’d like it bigger, use more than 700 yards of yarn.

This now marks the end of all the projects I had in progress.  I’m going to have to decide what to work on next and get started!

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