And So Are You – Finished

I finished my And So Are You shawl, and sent it off to it’s new owner.  I was planning on keeping it, but when it was done it just seemed to belong to someone else.  She should be receiving it today, but on the off chance she doesn’t (and the even more unlikely chance she will read my blog) I’m not going to say who it went to.

Suffice to say at that moment she needed some love, and what better than a piece of love that you can wrap around yourself?

And a beautiful piece of love it turned out to be, too.  I used 667 yards of fingering weight yarn from Twisted Fiber Arts in the club colorway Berry.  I changed the pattern a fair bit.  It was supposed to have a ruffle along the bottom, but I didn’t care for that and just continued with the little pleats or “flower stitch” as I think the pattern calls it.

It took me two months to knit with Wesley, but we’re working out how to spend some hands free time now.  I should have more knitting time in the future.  If nothing else, I can knit while he plays on his activity mat and I sing to him.  He likes it when I sing to him, and seems to enjoy watching me knit.  He finds something about the motion interesting to watch.  I may have to teach him how once he has fine motor control down.

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2 Responses to And So Are You – Finished

  1. Cheryl Waters says:

    Isn’t it fun when something tells you it needs to go to so-and-so?

  2. AlohaBlu says:

    Oh, it’s so beautiful Kali – I bet the owner will just love it. I do hope you get to knit a bit more, but Mommy-time is priceless 🙂 Nice job on the shawl! Hugs to you and your family. ~c

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