Sweater for Baby Boy

I’m knitting a sweater for my little baby boy.  It’s called the Puerperium Cardigan and is designed to fit baby for the first 6 weeks of his life.  This is a good thing because if baby is born anywhere near his due date, I don’t think he is going to need too many sweaters after 6 weeks old.  I remember it warming up pretty quickly in March this year and wouldn’t be surprised if next year is the same way.

It’s about a third of the way finished, and after this I think I may swear off knitted baby clothes forever.  Much like my Baby Hat (which is twice as long as it was before, but still not done) it looks so tiny until I really start thinking about it, and then it just looks enormous.  Is this really going to fit a tiny human that is supposed to come out of me?  I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with that.

I think from now on I’ll be sticking with knitted blankets, starting with this one – the Lullaby Blanket.  Here’s a picture if you can’t open the link.  I can wrap baby up in them to keep him warm, and can unwrap him a bit if he gets too hot.  Blankets are the way to go in my opinion.  They look big, and they’re supposed to be.  And I don’t in any way have to think about how big the baby is that’s going to fit in it.  The beauty of a blanket is that it can fold into dozens of different sizes.

I’m feeling pretty good about my blanket plan.

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3 Responses to Sweater for Baby Boy

  1. Cheryl Waters says:

    That is such a sweet little baby sweater! And what little baby wouldn’t feel the love with that blanket!

    • Kali says:

      Thanks Cheryl! I do think this sweater is going to be absolutely adorable. I’m going to have to go button hunting sometime soon. I never make things with buttons and thus don’t keep any in the house.

  2. Cheryl Waters says:

    Well, if you take that tiny sweater with you for the button shopping, I’m sure there will be lots of oohs and ahhs. I’m really excited for you.

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