Pregnancy cravings are a weird thing, and for the past couple of weeks it has been beets that I want more than anything else.  Except maybe french fries.  But this post is about beets.

They were super easy to make – boil, cool, peel, and salt.  Simple yet delicious.

Boil in salt water…


and peel.

I got this recipe from around my french table by Dorie Greenspan, but it’s really less of a recipe than a recommendation.  She doesn’t give measurements, just a couple of directions, and I think I’ll do the same thing.


Trim the stalks off of your beets to about 1 inch above the bulb and scrub under running water – rinsing lightly doesn’t do much, you really need to get after these with a vegetable brush.

Drop them into boiling water that has been liberally salted, and boil until easy to pierce with a fork or knife, roughly 30 minutes (I simmered them for 45 minutes because I used my small pot… they’ll cook eventually.)

Drain and allow the beets to cool.  You can speed this up by dropping them in ice water, but it isn’t necessary.  When cool to the touch, take a cloth you don’t mind ending up pink forever or a paper towel and scrape lightly to peel the skins off.

Serve salted or in other beet dish.  I may add some to tonight’s salad.

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2 Responses to Beets

  1. Cheryl Waters says:

    I wish all my cravings during pregnancy had been as healthy!

    • Kali says:

      Ha! Not all of mine are. But I don’t have to cook ice cream or cookies. 🙂 I could, though… not a bad idea for future blogs.

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