Tomato Rice

Well, I was planning to make stuffed tomatoes again, but I pierced through the outside of the second one I was coring.  As that made stuffed tomatoes pretty much a bust, I changed plans.  Tomato rice sounded fabulous.  Lots of sweet and salty tomatoes mixed with filling rice… perfect comfort food.

Rob an I ate this as our entire meal, but I think it would make a wonderful side dish as well.  It also has the advantage of being incredibly easy.

yeah, it pretty much looks the same in the pot or the bowl...

Had I been less exhausted, I probably would have added more vegetables to the mix.  Broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, perhaps a touch of lemon juice.  But I didn’t.  It’s just tomatoes, rice, and salt.  I didn’t even add garlic.  Tomatoes are a great base for a number of flavors, though, so mix and match to your hearts content.  Tell me how it turns out!

Tomato Rice

1 cup Arborio rice
3 cups chicken broth
2 large tomatoes (or 6-8 plum tomatoes) diced
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste (I don’t care much for pepper, so using none is to taste)

1.  Bring 3 cups of chicken broth to a boil and add rice.  Reduce to a simmer and cook uncovered until broth is gone and rice is al dente, roughly 15 minutes.

2.  In a large pan, heat olive oil over medium high heat and add tomatoes.  Saute until soft and beginning to lose their shape, about 8 minutes.  Salt to taste.

3.  Add rice to tomatoes and combine.  (You can use as much or as little rice as desired.)  Serve.

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