Evanstar Shawl

I’ve been talking about this shawl a little for the past couple of blogs.  I’ve mentioned it when talking to people, and I’ve been getting one question a lot:  Do I have pictures?

I did, but they are really old.  Like, 40,000 stitches ago old.  They don’t reflect the current state or size of this project.  So what does my shawl look like now?  Well, a lot like this:

It’s nearly impossible to see anything in the shawl – the pattern, the size, the complexity.  Part of the problem is because the shawl is way too big to be stretched out on my 24″ needles now, and part is that the shawl folds over itself, hiding most of the design, and part of it is that lace looks really crappy before it’s blocked.  Also, I used a dark yarn and that hides a lot of the design unless you look more closely.  One photo just isn’t going to do it.

So I took more.

I tried to stretch out the shawl in the space I have to give you a glimpse of what it will look like when it’s done.  I didn’t have the room to stretch it nearly as much as I will when it’s finished and blocking, but you can at least see some of the patterns that are involved.

The top photo is the outer circle.  I only have 20 more rows to knit here before the body of the shawl is finished and I just have the border to knit.

The bottom photo is the inner circle, which has been complete for months.

My goal is to have this finished and blocked before March 3rd.  I want to wear it on March 5th, so it needs to be done before then.  It’s a pretty steep goal for just over 4 weeks, but I think I can get it done.  Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to Evanstar Shawl

  1. Corinn says:

    I love it! Haven’t had the guts yet to try lace but really want to! can’t wait to see it blocked!

  2. Cas says:

    Wow, that is lovely.

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