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Reading List 2011

I fell down a bit this month.  I didn’t feel much like reading the first week of February, expecting to have all the free time in the world.  Then I got my job and that didn’t happen.  I’ll have to … Continue reading

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Chicken, Mushroom, and Tomato Rice

Alright, I have to admit this rice started out with the intention of becoming risotto.  But I forgot how poorly brown rice becomes risotto, so a short way through the process it became “normal” rice with stuff in it.  Still… … Continue reading

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Fridge Surfing

Usually I’m pretty good about having a plan for what I’m going to cook each night.  Sometimes I’m even pretty good about planning what I’m going to cook for the week.  Occasionally however (and here you should probably read “more … Continue reading

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A Surprise

I’ve been working on a surprise. I’ve been torn about posting it on my blog because I know the recipient occasionally visits me here, but now that I’m working I don’t have time to knit as much!  If I want … Continue reading

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A Change of Plans

Well, it looks like my plans and goals for this year need to change.  Tomorrow is my first day at my new job.  It’s wonderful to have a job again, but it means that many of the goals I listed … Continue reading

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Evenstar Shawl – finished at last

This shawl is my biggest knitting accomplishment to date.  I’m frankly not certain I’ll ever top it.  Even if I do another beautiful, complex, and well-knit lace shawl, I’ve already done them before.  It’s nothing new.  Certainly, each piece is … Continue reading

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Spinning – Flowerbox

I’m a part of a fiber club.  This actually caused a bit of confusion the other day as many people thought I meant dietary fiber.  As funny and embarrassing as that was, I meant spinning fiber. The club is NoTwoSnowflakes … Continue reading

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