First Anniversary

One year ago today I married my best friend and the past 365 days have been the best of my life.  We have slipped into married life as though we’ve always been together.

We’ve traveled, celebrated, moved across the country, sold an apartment and bought a house in the last year.  We’ve loved, argued, discussed, agreed and disagreed, and we’ve worked to make our lives together the best they could be.

In all the relationships I’ve ever had, I’ve never been so naturally easy and happy with anyone.

Happy Anniversary, love.  You have my heart.


Tomorrow I’ll return to my normal crafting blog.

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8 Responses to First Anniversary

  1. Jon says:

    Happy Anniversary. We love you both.

  2. AlohaBlu says:

    Happy Anniversary Kali & Rob!

  3. Cas says:

    Oh my, sorry I missed it! Happy anniversary!

  4. Claudia E Genuardi says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both. I am sorry to be so late in sending along the wish. I am glad you are both so happy in your life together.

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