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Reading List 2011

One of my goals for 2011 is to read 100 books.  They don’t have to be books I’ve never read before, and they don’t have to be in print as I enjoy listening to audiobooks while I knit or spin. … Continue reading

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Italian Wedding Soup

I haven’t been blogging this week.  I’ve been knitting.  I’ve even felt a little guilty for not posting anything new, but that’s because I don’t have anything new!  I’m still working on my Evanstar Shawl, and it is maddeningly slow.  … Continue reading

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Actually Tasty Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are not the tastiest things ever.  They can smell a little like dirty socks when they’re cooked, and the smell lingers in the taste. These, thankfully, don’t taste or smell like that. I wish I’d thought to take … Continue reading

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Spinning – Lavender Hedgerow

Finally I am spinning something for myself.  It’s the beautiful Lavender Hedgerow I bought from Greenwood Fiberworks on Etsy. It started life (with me, at least) as this: I love the beautiful colors in this, and that they’re softly muted … Continue reading

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Rob Cooked!

One of my goals for 2011 is to teach Rob to cook.  I thoroughly enjoy cooking, but sometimes I just don’t want to anymore.  Also, it’s a good skill for everyone to have.  Thankfully, Rob is also interested in learning … Continue reading

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Baby Blanket 2 – Finished at Last!

I’ve finished my second baby blanket.  It’s for my brother’s child, due in February, whether the baby be a boy or a girl.  Although, if the baby IS a girl, it already has another, pinker, blanket. I think it has … Continue reading

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Kale and Sausage over Mashed Potatoes

Rob doesn’t like Kale.  I can’t blame him, it’s pretty bitter.  I’m honestly not a huge fan, but I generally like greens and certainly appreciate how healthy it is for us.  So I keep cooking it.  But now I actively … Continue reading

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