Two Finished Stockings

Two finished stockings, hanging over the fireplace:

Our first home, our first fireplace, our first stockings.  That simple phrase makes me very happy, and I’m really pleased that I was able to create these for our lives together.  And that I’ll be able to make more as our family expands in the future.

What I truly enjoy is how each stocking reflects our personality.

Rob’s is solid.  It’s masculine, and a little predictable (not in a bad way).  There’s no variation in the pattern, and it’s exactly what he wanted.  In a way, it reminds me a lot of the way I think of him.  To me he’s solid and dependable, and if that’s a little predictable I love him for it.

(It does bug me a bit that I didn’t center his name well.  I might rip that out a third time and fix it.  Again.)

Mine is lighter.  Happier.  It’s less standard while still being patterned.  I love that it looks a little like a candy cane, which is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the holiday season, even though I don’t eat them.  I wish a little bit that I’d been able to spiral the stripes up instead of making them concentric, but I didn’t come up with that idea until I was almost finished with it and I was running out of time.

And if I can take a short moment to reflect here, Christmas is in 4 days and it is 83 degrees here in Austin.  Somehow it’s hard to believe those two realities can coexist at the same time.  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without freezing temperatures and biting windchill, but I imagine we’ll adjust with time.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and Happy New Year to you all.  Whatever you celebrate at this time of year I hope it’s enjoyable for you.

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One Response to Two Finished Stockings

  1. Jon says:

    My Uncle Dwight (Rob may remember) spent a couple of Christmases in Hawii during the war (WWII). He said that no matter how may lights you hang on a palm tree, 76° just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

    As I write this, it is snowing right along and the pine trees are beginning to get frosted.

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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