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Ravioli with Olives

This was OK, but not amazing.  It would be helped a lot by the addition of sauteed zucchini and mushrooms, (though there’s not much I don’t think mushrooms improve) or any other vegetable. I did think the Kalamata Olives complimented … Continue reading

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Grandmom’s Spaghetti Sauce

I’m a picky girl.  I don’t like most tomato-based sauces because I think they are disgustingly sweet.  I won’t eat pasta with sweet sauce, I won’t eat pizza with sweet sauce, and I wouldn’t be caught dead buying one of … Continue reading

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Finished Yarn – more pictures

I already announced that I finished this yarn, but now it is washed and spun into a hank.  I also got some nice pictures that show off the colors. The pinks, blues, browns and creams all come together nicely.

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Finished Yarn

This still needs a good bath, but it’s done! It’s nice and neutral, with just a few hints of pink and blue.  Hopefully the knitter on the receiving end of this yarn will appreciate the muted color palate.  It ended … Continue reading

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Polenta with Mushrooms and Spinach

This was delicious.  Well, I thought it was delicious, Rob found it a little bland.  I think the problem there is that Rob doesn’t like polenta, though.  So… if you like polenta, then this was delicious. It even looks delicious, … Continue reading

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Barley with Vegetables

This was wonderfully filling, and very warming while being quite healthy.  I completely recommend it for chilly nights when you want a lot of vegetables.  It also has the advantage of being 100% interchangeable – any vegetables you have on … Continue reading

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The disjointed nature of writing

The title for this particular blog really seems to sum up my entire month so far.  Some writing days have been absolutely stellar, and some writing days I was lucky if I could come up with 10 utterly crappy words … Continue reading

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