Spinner’s Thumb

I haven’t written a blog for the past few days because I got stubborn and wanted my next blog to be about my newly finished yarn. I’ve been spinning so much recently that my thumb and first finger are sore.  I hope this is a common spinning malady, and not that I’m just a big weenie.

Anyway, I’m not done yet, but I’m close.  I only have four more color cycles before I finish this second single.  Then I have to ply.

My first single.

The current single.

I’ve spun them both up in the same order, beginning with black and ending with yellow, so when I ply them the colors should line up with only a little overlap.  That does depend on me spinning them evenly, though.  Hopefully I’ve done a good job.

I feel like I should have thousands and thousands of yards on each of these, but I think I’ll probably be lucky if I get 300 yards out of this.  I really have no way to judge, though.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some finished yarn to share!

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