Checking out a (semi) local yarn store

Today I went out to Yarnorama in Paige, Texas.  I chose to go there because it gets really good reviews, and because it is a very large and well known spinning store.  Not only is it a well known and well stocked spinning store, but they carry my brand of spinning wheel (Kromski) and have all accessories for them!

So I made the hour-long trek to Paige today (I even got a ticket on the way… that really made my day better.  I had to pass on one of the spinning accessories I want so I can pay for it.  Blech.).  The trip there was not super fun, and that’s not including the ticket.  290 is a really boring pseudo-highway that seems to delight in unexpected and unexplained speed limit changes (hence the ticket).  Paige is about 6 blocks total, and the turn is easy to miss, but I got there.

I have to say, Yarnorama is a nice store.  It’s well stocked with books, roving yarn in a lot of weights, materials, and colors, but I have to admit the selection just didn’t appeal to me.  Still, I can see that many people would find a lot of things to their taste there.

One thing I have to brag on though is a topic near and dear to my heart: customer service. They were incredibly helpful and very kind.  They helped me find a lazy kate, some bobbins, got me signed up for a spinning class, and ordered an accessory for my wheel which I will pay for when I go back for the spinning class next month.  They asked a few times if I needed any help, and were immediately able to answer my questions when I had them.

Oh, and they have bunnies.  Two really cute angora bunnies behind the counter.  They were just adorable.

I recommend this store for anyone who likes to knit, but especially anyone who spins.  But if you’re going to go, I suggest bringing your GPS and a friend to help you find speed limit signs.

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