Setting Matters

I’ve never thought that where I was mattered much to my creativity.  Boy was I deluding myself!

I’ve been struggling since the move to find it within me to be creative, whether it’s knitting, writing, spinning, cooking.  It doesn’t matter what it is I need to do, I am completely uninspired to do any of it in this apartment!

Maybe it’s a box factor.  We have a ton of unopened boxes around – boxes we don’t plan to open as Rob and I don’t expect to be living here very long.  But they’re stacked up all over, taking up space and blocking out light.

Maybe it’s that Rob stole my desk and I’m writing on the couch – his desk is WAY too big to set up here.

Or maybe it’s just that I don’t like temporary living.

Whatever the cause, it’s seriously hurting my ability to get into the right head space to do anything.

I think I have a plan to make this work, though.  I’m going to pull my dresser out from the wall, move all the broken down boxes into the bedroom behind the dresser, move the unopened boxes to behind the couch so more light comes in, clear out the kitchen area, and write looking out the big bay of windows.

Unfortunately, this plan requires Rob to come home because my dresser is too heavy for me to move on my own.  Here’s hoping I can find my inspiration again!

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