Late for Christmas

I like to knit things for people at Christmas.  Not only is it hours of enjoyment for me, but it’s hours of my time that I put in to giving a person I love something I hope they will truly enjoy.

This could be a simple scarf, a complicated sweater, or just about anything in between.

This year, I’m late.

Usually to knit a half dozen Christmas gifts, I really need to start early.  July early.  The year I knit 14 Christmas gifts I started in February. Compounding the problem is that I’m making myself an indecently complicated shawl (the Evenstar shawl) and have begun spinning.  Not to mention the book…

I just don’t have time!

It looks like knitted Christmas gifts will be becoming rarer.  We’ll see.  Maybe I can find quick projects that people want to have and use. Knitted resuable market totes anyone?

(Picture “borrowed” from the Knit Picks website.)

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2 Responses to Late for Christmas

  1. Rhiannon says:

    They are cute!!!!!!!!

  2. Mom says:

    Not bad for a market bag. Pretty good in fact.

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