And I’m back

So it took me longer than expected to come back from my blogging break.  Really, everything about this move has taken longer than expected.

It look longer than expected to:
– drive from DC to Texas
– for our moving van to arrive (it should have been here Wednesday)
– to adjust to the time change
– to adjust to hotel living (I’m still not sure we’ve accomplished it)
– to find our way around anywhere down here.
– to find the energy to write, knit, or blog

Moving is hard work, and now the unpacking begins!

Still, I’ve been finding myself slowly recovering from the shock of uprooting my life.  I honestly thought it wouldn’t be that bad, and can see I dramatically overestimated my ability to cope with losing my home.  I’m not sad (although I miss my friends), I’m just unsettled.  I can’t seem to sit and relax into a single task for more than 20 or 30 minutes, be it reading, writing, knitting or talking.  But it’s getting better.

On Wednesday I wrote.  This morning I was able to read a bunch of my classmates’ work (from my writing class).  And tomorrow I hope to be making headway through turning a cluttered mess of boxes stuffed inside an apartment into a home.

And with the feeling of once more having a place in the world, I hope to more fully return to those things that make me happy.

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