We’re Moving!

Rob and I are leaving DC for good.

When I moved here four years ago, I quickly realized that this city isn’t a good fit for me.  There are too many people, too much stress, everything goes too fast, nobody cares, there’s not enough green space or parking, and ultimately I’m just not a city girl.

And if I can’t handle a city as small as DC, then I’m certainly in the wrong location.

After years of hoping to make a better life somewhere else, Rob and I have finally made it happen.  We’re moving to Austin, TX.

It’s going to be one heck of an adventure.  We rented an apartment sight unseen (though we got pictures), and I’ve never even been to Austin.  I have actually only been in Texas once… my family drove through the very corner of it for 20 minutes during the biggest rain storm I have ever seen.  Dad literally could not see the road to pull over to the side.  I’m pretty sure we inched along at 2 miles per hour by feel.

Needless to say, my experiences with Texas are limited.  I’m hoping in Austin I’ll find a city that I can consider a home.  It’s very artsy and very young, and with any luck will be a good fit for us.

Certainly it will allow Rob and I the ability to expand into an actual home with a yard, and begin thinking about starting a family.  Two things we can’t do here in DC without significant lifestyle changes.

In 9 days the movers come.  In 10 days the movers leave.  In 13 days Rob will be flying to Texas, and sometime after that I’ll pile the girls in the car and begin the 25 hour drive to my new home.

While I couldn’t be more excited about moving, I find it’s also bittersweet.  I’ll intensely miss the wonderful friends I’ve made here, my grandparents who live a few miles away, and my family – just a 2.5 hour drive.  No longer will I be able to hop in the car after breakfast and be at their house before lunch.  But all great adventures come with some sort of sacrifice.  This is mine.

I’ll miss all the people that I love, but I’ll keep in touch, and I’ll probably be back on occasion.  And if anyone would like to visit, the guest room is the first (non-essential) room in our future house I plan to furnish.

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4 Responses to We’re Moving!

  1. Dorie Morgan says:

    I’m so sorry we never managed to get coffee or lunch before your moving fun started but I’ll be praying for a happy and safe move for you.

    And I’m pretty sure you’ll love Austin.

    • tospinayarn says:

      Thanks Dorie! As my parents still live in PA, I’m sure we’ll be back at least once or twice a year, so we can probably still get together in the future. 😀 And if you and Brian want to come to Texas, you’re always welcome to stay with us.

  2. Wow! I just popped over to your blog because there was a visitor from your site over on mine. I smiled reading your post because it’s very much like some of the posts I wrote back in June when we picked up from Nashville and moved to the middle of Arizona to be closer to family. So I understand well what you’re going through and I admire your sense of adventure. (This town was a new place for us too.)

    I hear Austin is lovely and know with your adventuresome spirit, you’ll find your new home wonderful I’m sure. Not to mention all the great new people you’ll meet.

    Good luck!

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