The Secret Stash of Games

I craft.  I have a large stash of yarn to knit, fiber to spin, beads to… well… bead, and all the assorted tools that will make each of these hobbies easier and more enjoyable. I have no problems with having a stash, or of hoarding things I love that I expect I’ll use some unknown day in the future.

I love Rob.  I married him knowing full well he was one of those super nerdy game-loving guys, and expected a fair amount of games to join our relationship.

We’re moving soon (to Texas, actually… we don’t have exact details yet, but I’ll be blogging about our move as soon as I know exactly what is happening), and this has had one unintended side effect:  Rob is revealing his secret game stash to me.

I always knew he had games at the office – he plays most of his games there over lunch, or at friend’s houses around the office, so it made sense for him to keep them there.  What I was not aware of was the quantity!!

It’s not just that pile of games, but the two shelves of books behind it.


This is just what he’s brought home so far!  He says he’s not quite half-way finished.  And that’s not including games he already had at home, like this:

and this:

and this entire closet filled with games:

He hid his stash.  I’m just saying…

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4 Responses to The Secret Stash of Games

  1. Rob Hinkle says:

    Hey! Don’t forget about the miniatures upstairs in storage!


    • tospinayarn says:

      I didn’t think anyone would believe me if I kept going. Who would expect someone to have 5-6 more LARGE boxes of games in storage? Minis and old Tabletop books.

  2. Jon says:

    Hey! You always hide your stash. That’s why they call it a stash.

  3. Judy aka Mom says:

    And…don’t forget the whole closet of assorted games and baseball cards and stuff from his childhood that is still at our house!! We can ship it to your new place when you get settled :)!!

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