Making Mistakes

Mistakes happen.  They happen in knitting, in cooking, in writing, in spinning – in every aspect of life both covered by this blog and not.  I certainly make my fair share of them.

Some mistakes, like adding sugar to the tomato dish a few weeks ago are mistakes I really should have avoided just by thinking.

Mistakes in my spinning are generally because I’m so new to that hobby.

And mistakes in knitting are just going to happen, no matter how careful I am.  Especially in a 100,000 stitch project.  I’ve left some earlier mistakes in this shawl – places where one or two stitches were incorrect, but it didn’t effect the overall “look” of the shawl.  And I’ve fixed some mistakes I made in the shawl, always thankful that I caught them early and didn’t have to go through too much trouble to figure it out.

Today’s mistake was not that lucky.

I noticed that I had made a big mistake 2 rows down – that’s 1000 stitches back at this point.  It was too big to leave in my work, and too far back to unknit the whole way back to it.

After cursing (mentally… I don’t want to shock Rob) for a few minutes, I decided I could slip the 65 “wrong” stitches onto a different set of needles, and drop just that section down to the offending area.

You can see in the picture that I’ve got 4 needles on 2 different sections of the lace (one of the attached yarn loops is behind the knitting so I didn’t get them tangled).

But, once I had everything organized, it was pretty easy to knit everything back up in the way it was meant to be.

Mistakes suck.  Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re awful, and sometimes it just takes a little bit of fussing before you find yourself back on track.

I’m glad I fussed.

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