My first spinning wheel

A few weeks ago I bought my first spinning wheel – a Kromski Sonata.

(the fuzz in the middle is the roving I was spinning up)

It won over others because I had a very easy time spinning on it, but also because it folds up and can be stored in a minimal amount of space.

I decided to do a smaller practice run first, spinning only two half bobbins of a merino/tencel mix in brown, pink, and white.

After I had two half-filled bobbins, I spun them together to make about 60 yards of 2-ply yarn:

I still need to give it a good soak, then let it dry over night, but it’s yarn!

Unfortunately, I learned a good lesson the hard way when I was plying this up last night.  I need something – be it a cheep box, or a lazy kate (which is made especially for plying yarn) to hold the two bobbins still.   I let them rest in my lap while I was plying, and it was mayhem!  I dropped them, got them tangled, made a big mess, and refrained myself from pitching them across the room only by thinking how much worst that would make any knots.

So, before I ply my yarn again, I’ll be making certain I have -all- the tools to do so.

But, as plying is a ways in the future, I’ve started spinning this:

I forgot to take a picture of it while it was whole, but I’ve unraveled it, split it in half, and am spinning it up from the purple end.  Hopefully the color changes will sync themselves up fairly evenly, so I’ll get a yarn that slowly transitions from Purple > Red > Orange > Yellow > Orange > Red > Purple and repeats.

Isn’t it pretty?  I’m glad I started with something else, first.  Spinning on a wheel takes some getting used to, but I think I’m doing a pretty decent job.

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2 Responses to My first spinning wheel

  1. Jodi Meadows says:

    It’s looking great!! Good job!

    As long as you keep your yarn width even, you should have a pretty nice color change with the new yarn, with minimal marling of the colors. The other thing you can do is chain (Navajo) ply it, but you will *definitely* want a lazy Kate before you do that. (And practice the motions before you do. It’s tricky at first, even if you’ve done it on a spindle before.)

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