Another Scarf

I finished another scarf the other day.  I was going to write about it yesterday, but as I was preparing to post, I lost power in my house.  And it remained out for 12 hours.  That wasn’t super fun – it got dark and hot really fast.

Anyway, as to the scarf – it turned out wonderfully.  It’s just as cute as I was hoping it might be.  I cast on 300 stitches, and after I knit 3 or 4 inches in straight garter stitch, I increased every other stitch by kfb.

The resulting ruffle is just a little whimsical, although it didn’t photograph very well.

While the power was out, I knit on my lace shawl all night (using a flashlight, 2 book lights, and about a dozen candles to see).  It’s now about 3 feet long with only about 2 feet to go.  😀

The Spring Fling Wrap is a very easy bit of lace.  The pattern repeats and is easy to memorize.  I recommend it to anyone who is interested in an easy lace wrap.

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