Slow progress is still progress

The only downside about enjoying writing, knitting, spinning and cooking is that it is hard to do more than one at a time.  I therefore tend to get involved in one and put the others to the side.

However, despite all the writing that I’ve been doing over the past week, I’ve made progress on my knitting and spinning.

My lace shawl has grown by over a foot since I last posted photos.  (I swear, it will look a lot better once it’s blocked, not like a big tangled mess.)

And my simple scarf is nearly done.

Similarly, I’ve enjoyed progress with my spinning, but not really enough to be noticeable in a photo yet.

Mostly I’m hard at work on my book and now it’s time to get back to it.  I’m currently trekking through deep forests and about to encounter a few magical beasts.

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