Happy Birthday Emily

Today my baby sister turned 21.

We haven’t always gotten along over the years.  I’m 7 years older than she is, and that has created a lot of challenges in our relationship.  We also don’t exactly have tons in common.  Still, I mostly enjoyed having a sister as we grew up, and as we have both become older I have enjoyed her more.

I don’t see the little pest who used to steal my clothes and hide them under her bed anymore, or the teenager who was always (and I do mean always) getting her way.  Now my sister is a young woman who is quickly becoming a really awesome young adult.

She’s someone I want to be around, and someone I am interested to talk to.  She is smart, funny, environmentally conscious, adventurous, and I am really glad that we managed to survive both of our teenage years with our relationship intact, because she’s become someone I really want to know.

So happy birthday, Emily.  I hope you enjoy your present – a public statement of how much I love you, and how lucky I think I am to have a sister like you.


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Emily

  1. Emily says:

    This is so sweet Kali! Thank you for this it makes me really happy. I feel the exact same way about you, I definitely wish we could spend more time together and CANNOT wait for this weekend when I get to see you and Rob!! Love you sooo much.

    Sorry I was such a pain in the ass haha

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