Finished Scarf

It’s always nice to finish things.  Really nice.  I start so many projects, and not just knitting projects, that I usually don’t end up finishing them very fast.  But something about this plain old garter stitch scarf spurred me on.

Maybe because it was so simple I could knit on it anywhere.  I could hold conversations and not worry about messing up my stitch count, I could stuff it in my purse and bring it along with me wherever I wanted to go, and I had a lot of opportunities to knit on it in the past two weeks.

So here it is.  Knit across about 350 stitches for 65 rows in Knit Picks Stroll, Hand Painted yarn in Tree Fort.

It was so fun I immediately cast on another.  I think I’m going to add a ruffle to this one.  Again, this is Knit Picks Stroll, Hand Painted yarn in Tea Party.  (The actual yarn is not as pink as it appears in this picture.)

Now, if only I could finish my book as quickly as I finished this scarf.

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One Response to Finished Scarf

  1. Lisa says:

    But you are finishing it quickly. Remember you finished the first draft in less than 30 days!

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