Knitting in the Dark

Denise and I went to the movies yesterday, and I was feeling rather fidgety, so I wanted to bring along something to knit.  Well, of course everything I was currently working on is at a place where it is either too complicated or too large to bring to the theater.

I’ve got a few lace projects, a few sock projects, a mostly done sweater (which really would have been nice even though it only has one arm because that theater was cold!), and some spinning.  None of it was suitable to bring along.

So I started something new.  🙂

I love starting new things which is, perhaps, one of the reasons I have so many unfinished projects.  There’s something really fun about picking out new yarn and a new pattern, or just making one up, and going to town.  It’s all possibility.

I decided to make a plain garter stitch scarf because that would be the easiest thing to knit in a dark movie theater, even knitting a basket weave scarf would have required too much looking and counting, so garter stitch won.  But instead of knitting the scarf end to end, I’m knitting it long side to long side.

I have no idea how many stitches I cast on, I just kept going until my 36 inch circulars were full and called it good.  If it’s not, I’ll add a fringe or maybe a panel on each end in a complimentary color… no idea.

Now, knitting garter stitch in the dark isn’t too hard.  What is hard is when the movie starts and you know you haven’t cast on enough stitches, so you keep trying to cast on in the dark by nothing more than feel and a few stolen glimpses when the screen was light enough to illuminate your work.

But I managed it, and I only have one mistake in the cast on edge.  I’m pretty pleased with myself!

I’m using Knit Picks Stroll Hand Painted yarn in Tree Fort.

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2 Responses to Knitting in the Dark

  1. cathy moore says:

    I take knitting along to lots of places but haven’t tried it at a movie yet. I did have success at a theater in the round presentation of “12 Angry Men” recently. We were sitting in the 2nd row and the stage was well lit so I was able to knit throughout the play. My husband disapproves but I hate to sit with nothing in my hands.

    • tospinayarn says:

      Rob doesn’t care where I take knitting as long as he doesn’t think it’s rude. Meeting with friends – rude. Knitting in a dark theater, on the subway, in the car, etc – he couldn’t care less.

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