A Silly Story about Getting Published

This is my last homework for my writing class.  This week we were just supposed to write about “Learn to love the journey more than the destination.”  I have a lot of thoughts on that, most of them conflicting… but here’s what my character thinks.

Whew.  She’d done it.  Dawn smiled as she looked at her computer screen, she finally had a finished query letter.  Attaching it to an e-mail, she crossed her fingers before hitting SEND.

Leaning back in her computer chair, Dawn looked around the room.  It was the perfect writing room, full of her favorite things and colors.  Her cherry desk faced the understated room with its dove grey walls and lavender rug.  The white trim defined the space, and even the airy curtains exemplified understated femininity.  Here she had spent months crafting her book, and now she had submitted to a publisher.  All would be…

Dawn was broken out of her daydream as he e-mail popped up.  There was a letter from the publisher!  She rushed to open it.

Dear Ms. Smith,

We thank you for your submission, however we are not…

Dawn didn’t bother to read further.  She’d been rejected.  Worse, she’d been rejected less than five minutes after submitting. That must be some sort of new record.

Sighing, she searched through her list of agents, deciding who to pitch to next.  With a few simple keystrokes she altered the letter and sent it off once again.  This time, surely, everything would work out.  At the very least she wouldn’t have to worry about it again today.  Quite possibly she would hear from them in a few weeks, and they would love her book and want to sign her right away.  After all, she was…

Her e-mail popped up again.  Dawn blinked.  It was the agent she had just queried.  What was going on today?  Opening it, she read:

Ms. Dawn Smith,

After careful consideration we have decided that DANNI’S REVENGE is not

suitable for us at this time…

Jeez!  Had the world gone nutty today?  Usually people waited months to be rejected by agents and editors, and Dawn had been rejected twice in ten minutes.  Still, she had a list of other agents to pitch to, these weren’t the only ones.  It was clearly time to get serious.

Hunkering down over her computer, Dawn got to work, polishing up her letter as best she could.  By the time she finished, she had the grandest, most sparkly six page query letter known to man.  Once again it was winging its way towards an agent.  Now, surely, no one could turn her down.  Her letter made it clear how wonderful her book was, how everyone would want to read it, how it would make a bigger splash than Harry Potter, Twilight, and Emeril’s new cookbook combined.

Her e-mail popped up once more, and Dawn smiled as she opened it, certain this one would contain good news.

Miss Smith,

We regret to inform you that…

Dawn stopped reading once again, blinking back tears.  This was supposed to be the best day, and it was turning into one of the worst.  She scrolled through the rest of the letter, stopping cold as she reached the end.

There was a quote underneath the signature line that taunted her, laughing at her misery and despair.

“The truth is that writing is the profound pleasure and being read the superficial.” –Virginia Woolf.

Dawn burst into tears.

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