My Computer is Home!

I got the call at 8:03 pm.  My computer was fixed.

At 8:21 I headed out into one heck of a thunderstorm (seriously, the thunder and lightening was bad) to drive the 1.8 miles to the mall.

At 8:27 I arrived at the Apple store, and by 8:39 (there was a long line), I had my laptop back in hand.

I have to say, I’ve missed this little thing.  *loves*

Oh, and all my information is safe, too.  Rob and I are figuring out how to back it up now.  I will be back to my regularly-scheduled crafty blog tomorrow, now that I can once again load photos.

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2 Responses to My Computer is Home!

  1. Brent Smith says:

    I bought a Netgear Stora MS200 network drive. It’s great, it has tons of space and is expandable (just plug in another hard drive). It can do RAID style mirroring (where it makes a duplicate version of itself and keeps it current – a backup of the backup). It’s accessible by all the computers on my network, and best of all, it’s accessible via the internet if you are away from home.

    I don’t know how/if this type of solution will work with an Apple though.

    • tospinayarn says:

      Sounds like you and Rob would get along well. He helped me fuss my stuff onto his server last night, proudly telling me that his server had enough space for three of my laptops to dump all their memory on it, and still have room left over.

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