In the groove

Some days are just more productive than others.  Today was one of those days.

In Book 1, my two main characters, Adrianna and Donovan, are largely together.  While the Point of View may switch back and forth between them from time to time, generally what happens to one, happens to the other.

In Book 2, which I have made a lot of progress on today, Adrianna and Donovan are separated for most of the story by necessity.

I was struggling with my outline for book 2 because I was bouncing back and forth between Adrianna and Donovan and the story each was telling, so I decided to focus solely on Adrianna story, only beginning Donovan’s when I had finished with her completely.

I marked points in my outline where Donovan’s chapters would be inserted, and wrote my way through four months and nine pages of outlining.  I reached the end of Adrianna and Donovan’s separation and then went back to the beginning to write Donovan’s story.

He has been a little more challenging as I’m not entirely certain what he’s going to find.  Right now he’s spying on the “bad guys” and I think he’s going to try to infiltrate their camp, but he needs a goal before I send him in there.

It’s percolating.  I often find when I don’t know where my story is going I should just set it down and walk away for a little bit.  When I come back to it later I find I often have a number of new ideas that have been gathering in the back of my brain.

Still, I’m proud of myself.  I’ve accomplished more today than I have in the past week.  Book 2 is 5/6ths planned out.  A few more events and I’ll have a complete outline on my hand.  Hopefully I’ll still be in the groove after that and can tackle Book 3.

Now if only I could get my own computer back…..

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