Continuing frustration

Usually I am quite pleased with my Apple, and with their customer service.  I have been given an entirely new laptop before when they couldn’t figure out what was mine.  That sort of thing really makes me want to continue to use a product or service.

This time is a different story.

Eight days ago my computer died.  I blogged about it.  I took it to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store (which can be a little hit or miss, but I accept that), and they told me that my circuit board had died and they needed to send it out to be repaired.  Alright… that sucks, but they know what the problem is and have a solution.

Even better, I was given a finite period of time for it to be fixed: 6-7 days.  I was told it might take an extra day because of the (July 4th) holiday, but that was unlikely.

So when I called back on the 9th (day 6… maybe I was jumping the gun a little bit, but I wanted my computer back!), imagine my surprise when I was told that my computer had only been sent out for repairs earlier that day!

This is not a delay caused by the holiday, the holiday had been over for 5 days now.  This is just poor service.

From the day when I should have had my computer back, I now have to wait 6-7 more days.  Two weeks of being unable to work on my book is going to kill me, one week was bad enough.  I can only be thankful that I’m not under contract.  Losing two weeks of work on a deadline could have been disastrous.

I’ve been spending the last week outlining my next book, and working to change the order of my current book a bit.  But I feel like in order to really be able to edit my current book well, I need to get my hands in it.  I need to actively be able to move things around and rewrite them so the scenes work.

It’s not enough to just think that the scene where Adrianna and Donovan discuss the challenges of their lives would be better suited to a spot 50 pages later than it currently is, I need to see it.  I need to be able to feel that fits in that spot, becoming a part of the story around it.  It needs to be true to the story, the timing, and the characters for it to exist there.

So I’m frustrated.  I’m frustrated as a consumer.  I’m frustrated as a writer.  I’m frustrated as a person.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that my laptop will come through this experience quickly and with all the data safe and sound.

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2 Responses to Continuing frustration

  1. Linnea says:

    Yet another reason I won’t be an Apple user anytime soon… Also, a lesson I learned the hard way as well: back up everything regularly.

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