Misadventures with the Ice Cream Maker… again

You know, you think I’d be smarter about this after what happened last time… but what I proved today is: I suck at using my ice cream maker.

The last time I used it I put HOT sugar water in and managed to defrost the whole thing.  Well, I didn’t do that this time.

Today I measured my yogurt into the drum without having it running… I now have a solid half inch of yogurt frozen solid inside the drum.  I manage to chip out the plastic stirring tool, but the yogurt left inside the drum is more like ice than soft-serve ice cream.

Maybe one day I’ll figure this out.  Maybe one day I won’t be so brainless.  But that day isn’t today.

I’m off to go thaw my drum.  I’ll have to freeze it overnight and try again tomorrow.

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