Side Effects

I imagine if you’re reading this you read my blog with some regularity and know that my computer went ka-put the other day.  While this blog is web based, being without my usual computer has had some unforeseen blog consequences.   Such as no photos.

I have a few blogs that I’d like to write and post… my airplane lace knitting, fireworks from the 4th of July, some cooking I’ve done, and I have pictures for all of them.  But I don’t want to upload the pictures to Rob’s computer, so I will either have picture-free blogs, or they will wait until sometime next week.

On the plus side, my outlining goals are going pretty well.  Without my computer to distract me with writing (as I don’t have access to my book at the moment), outlining has taken pretty high priority.  I’m still adjusting the outline for the current book project, which is probably more anal than I really need to be, but ideas for the next two books are peculating in the back of my brain, preparing themselves to be brought to life and written down.

It’s fun to feel the seed of an idea forming in my brain, and then letting it grow and expand by itself.  Often I dream about my book, and once I separate the crazy ideas away (like the massive T-Rex from Jurassic Park is chasing my main characters), I find I am often left with scenes and thoughts that work for a book.

I think this is because I come up with the ideas when I’m not thinking about them, and the ideas present themselves to me in my sleep.  Thankfully these tend to be the ideas I remember, instead of the crazy dream sequence about waking up as a man.

With the temperature in DC tomorrow over 100 (and that’s without the heat index), I’m thinking it might be time to break out the ice cream maker again.  Fruit Sorbet, here I come.

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