I feel naked

My laptop died.

Despite the fact that I am currently using Rob’s laptop and that from where I am currently sitting I can see 3 computer towers and 4 monitors (to be fair, 1 tower and 2 monitors are not in use), I feel very strange without my computer.

It’s mine.

It also is, was, the only MAC in the house.

I don’t really mind using Rob’s computer for a week or so while mine gets fixed.  I can just as easily check my e-mail, facebook, and go through my blogs every day on his Dell.  What I can’t do is write.

I use Scrivner as my writing software.  It is an exceptionally wonderful a writing tool, and I love it.  But it only works on MACs.

And, of course, because I am exceptionally brilliant, I don’t have the Scrivner file of my book saved anywhere except my currently broken laptop.

This sucks a lot, but is thankfully not the incredible dilemma it could be.

My mom has a relatively recent word-document copy of my edited file.  It’s not complete – it only goes through about chapter 7 – but it’s good enough.  The entirety of my first draft is printed out on paper, so it’s not lost.  I would have to retype it, but I would have to do that anyway.  All I’ve REALLY lost is the last week of work.

The crappy part here is that I was really productive last week and changed a lot of stuff.

Still, everything is reproducible.

The difficulty will happen if my MacBook isn’t fixable.  So please everyone, send my computer some good thoughts this week.  It’s worked hard for me these past few years and has really been a very good little laptop.

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3 Responses to I feel naked

  1. Brent Smith says:

    LOL, that’s what you get for making public your plans to be productive! Karma and all… Hope it gets fixed soon 🙂

  2. homespunlife says:

    Oh no!!! I just found your blog through Ravelry, Kali and got to this one while reading my way down. It’s a good reminder to me to BACK UP MY MANUSCRIPTS! Ugh. I would just die if I lost a week of editing.

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