Three Short Letters

I thought that my writing class homework was particularly fun this week.  We are discussing voice, and the different voices authors write with.  Our homework reflected this and we were asked to write three short letters.  Each letter was to be addressed to someone letting them know the writer would not be able to make it for Thanksgiving this year.

The first is from a college student who is going to a party in Florida instead.  The second is from someone older who is no longer up to the stress of traveling.  And the third is from someone my age (28) but who speaks in a strange way that people remember.

This is what I’ve come up with:



I’m really, really sorry but I’m not going to be able to come home for Thanksgiving.  Last night John came up with this great idea for us to all go down to his parent’s house at the beach in Florida where we’ll have our own party to celebrate our friendship.

I know you’ll be a little disappointed, but I’ll make it up to you.  I’ll be home for Christmas in a few weeks anyway.  And New Years (unless there’s another party – you understand).  Anyway, tell Dad I say hi, and give Aunt Rebbecca and Uncle Ed my love.  If Dawn is there don’t let her in my room, she always breaks things.  Love you,


P.S.  Can you send more money?  I’m out.



It pains me to write this, but your father and I will be unable to make it for Thanksgiving.  We miss you and the children, but I fear that your father isn’t up to the burden of traveling any longer.  He’s not getting around as well as he used to, you know, and to be perfectly honest I’m having more difficulty as well.  You are, of course, aware of the lingering effects from when I broke my hip two years ago, and the doctor says the stress of travel could adversely impact my mobility.

You and your family are always welcome to come here, as you know, but we understand if you are too busy to make the trip.  We know you have engagements that keep you running around all day.  We haven’t heard from Mimi in a while, I hope all is well with her.  She’s a bit too independent for my way of thinking, but I suppose she’s a young adult now.  I do hope she settles out of her wild ways soon, though.

With love and affection,




I apologize, but I am afraid I will be unable to attend the Thanksgiving festivities this year as I have a prior engagement which I cannot break.  Had I thought about it at the time I certainly would not have accepted the appointment, but as it stands now I simply cannot move it despite the circumstances.

I am certain you understand the depth to which this disappoints me, but being my mother you would in no way wish for me to break an obligation.  I’m sure father will understand as well.

Should you be at all interested, I am available the second weekend of December in which I would be able to travel to see you both.  I hope this time will be convenient for you, as I would not wish you to go to any more trouble than necessary.

As always, with my love.


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