Morning Pages, take 2

I’ve been writing my morning pages for about a week now, and decided to read the version of The Artist’s Way I downloaded to my Kindle.  I ended up with The Artist’s Way Workbook instead, but let’s not focus on the fact that I should really double check what I buy before I buy it.  Anyway…

I think I’m doing them wrong.  I have been writing the morning pages more or less like a journal.  A stream of consciousness journal, perhaps, but a journal none-the-less.  I have complete paragraphs with structure that discuss certain topics before moving on, and that doesn’t appear to be keeping with the spirit of the Morning Pages.

From what the book says, morning pages are a place for you to write out the clutter in your mind.  So I shouldn’t be writing about how beautiful the view out the window at my in-laws is (it’s really pretty, though), but something more along the lines of “I forgot to pack the cable for my camera” or “I forgot to buy cat food.”

The book says morning pages are a place to get all of the distracting information out of your brain.  That I didn’t sleep well, that I forgot to leave the dog harnesses in PA when I dropped the girls off, that I didn’t pack enough yarn, that I think the morning sucks… apparently morning pages are generally pretty depressing and grouchy.

The problem is, I’m not a grouchy girl in the mornings.  I DID sleep well, I did leave the dog harnesses in PA, I did pack enough yarn (but if I didn’t I could probably find a place to buy more), and I think mornings are pretty darn awesome.  It’s the late afternoon I’m not a huge fan off, but that’s not really a problem at 7am.

The pages I wrote this morning I tried to write in the more grouchy tone I think they are supposed to be in.  I wrote that I didn’t sleep terribly well, that I was tired, and that Rob had scared the crud out of me when he came to bed, and you know what?  I feel really rude!

I can hardly believe that I cranked and whined for 3 full pages and feel like it was an absolutely horrible way to start the day!  All it did was validate my annoyances by putting them on paper.  What would have vanished after my shower is now written down and solid.  I can’t unwrite it – it’s there, a part of the world.

I think I’ll try writing them this way for another week, but believe I will eventually go back to my more journal-like version of morning pages.  I would much rather write about positive experiences in the morning than start the day with so much negativity.

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One Response to Morning Pages, take 2

  1. Mom says:

    Glad you had something to do on the plane. Did not really know you were such a bundle of neuroses.

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