Morning Pages

I have been taking a workshop class on writing for the past few weeks, which I believe most of you are aware of.  Today my instructor recommended adding Morning Pages to our daily routine for the remaining weeks of class, just to see how to see it impacts our writing.

For those of you who don’t know, morning pages are a tool for writers in the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  Each morning when you wake up, as soon after waking as possible, you write 3 pages of anything in longhand.

These pages aren’t supposed to be good, be read, or a place to work out new ideas (although they can be all of the above), they are simply supposed to be a place to write every day and to dump the junk out of your brain.

Apparently, if I want to write 3 pages about how strange I think morning pages are and how the dogs want to go out and are giving me ‘that look,’ that would be perfectly acceptable.

I don’t know how I feel about this exercise.  I can barely manage to dress myself some mornings, so the idea of writing 3 pages of anything the moment I wake up is a strange one.  It also would be very difficult to write 3 pages in the morning before I take the girls out on a walk, and as I like to walk them for 30-60 minutes each morning I have them, I don’t think the idea of morning pages would be preserved once I’m fully awake and the blood is flowing.

But, I’m willing to give them a try.  I won’t be posting them as I imagine they’ll be pretty bad, but I will let you all know how it ends up going.

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One Response to Morning Pages

  1. Cassie says:

    What if you brought a small recorder and did dictation while dog walking? It wouldn’t have the same feel as pen and paper but it would help brain dump.

    I have always been a fan of stream of consciousness writing especially. one of the most fun exercises from the college writing classes I took had a filler sentence and timeframe in which you were to just write constantly; any time you got hung up you were supposed to write your filler sentence again and again until your mind started working with real words. It was something we did at the beginning of many classes, along the lines of a morning exercise.

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