A little bit of lace

I was planning to write about writing today.  I’ve come up with a new plan of attack for editing my novel, and one of my classmates shared the most wonderful story yesterday that I wanted to talk about.  (I got his permission first, seriously.)

Unfortunately, writing is not really working for me today.  I’ve deleted the new scene I’m working on in my novel 4 times (all those lovely words, gone forever), and have frittered away the time I usually spend blogging.

I have no words today!

I went back and read my post from yesterday, in hopes that it would inspire me anew to get back in the groove of things.  It inspired me to shop.

I bought the two lace shawl patterns from yesterday, ($1.99 each is cheep!) as well as the Knitted Lace of Estonia book and some yarn for a few patterns. Since the Independent Designer patterns are e-mailed to you on the spot and I have the lace yarn I want to knit one of them up in, I got to work.

I really like the green yarn she used to knit the original up in, but I don’t have such a nice spring green on hand.  I do have this lovely sky blue though, and I think it will look awfully nice.

It’s already on the needles, but there’s not enough there for a picture to matter any, so I’m not going to bore you with it.

I do believe I did promise some pictures from last week’s camera catastrophe.  Here are a few:

Jam Making

The beginnings of my sock with mom's score card.

Further into the sock with Mom, Dad, and Rob putting in the background.

I hope to have a better writing day tomorrow.

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One Response to A little bit of lace

  1. Sometimes it’s good just to take a little break from writing. Tomorrow is another writing day! 🙂

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