Knit In Public Day… all week long.

Clearly this is a contradiction in ideas, no?  And Knit In Public Day isn’t even a week, it’s 9 days long.

I suppose I understand the idea – not everyone will be able to knit in public on a single day, so why not give everyone multiple opportunities to knit in public for one day.  According to Wikipedia, World Wide Knit In Public Day is the second Saturday in June every year, and was started in 2005.

It seems a lot of people knit in public for a lot of different reasons.  Some do it to show that not only grannies knit, some to develop a closer knitting community in their area, some to foster interest of knitting in non-knitters, and I am sure there are many more reasons out there.

But it’s a fun idea and one that has captured my interest.  I have absolutely no problem knitting in public at all.  I used to knit on the bus and train on my way to work every day, and that was before I ever heard of Knit In Public Day.  I don’t knit in public too often anymore, but that’s because I’m not really out in public for extended periods of time anymore.  I don’t commute, so that’s not an issue, and I’m not about to bring my knitting for a trip to the grocery store because I’ll need my hands.

So while I have no problem knitting in public, I also don’t really want to go somewhere public just to knit.  Maybe I’m lazy, but I don’t want to drive 20 miles out to a Knit In Public Day event, nor do I want to haul my knitting out to the corner just so I can be knitting in public.  I get the awareness factor, I just don’t see a reason to adjust my plans so it fits.

Despite my apathy for going places, I’m sure I’ll make an effort to knit in public quite a bit between the 12th and the 20th.

This leaves me with the enjoyable question of what to knit?  I’ve got my sweater, but it’s awfully warm to be working on a heavy sweater outside.  I’ve got socks, but those will only keep me entertained for so long.  I could spin… I think spinning would work, but I can fit that in as I go.

What I’ve really been feeling the desire to do is start some lace projects.  Perhaps it’s because my part of the world has gotten nice and warm but still has a bit of a chill in the evenings that I am currently drawn to lace knitting.  I never have been before.

I am thinking about trying this Estonian Flamingo Lace Stole designed by Melinda VerMeer.  I have some really pretty light blue lace weight yarn that I think will look nice in that pattern – like smoothly rippling water.  Or perhaps it will work better in the Spring Fling Wrap by Sue Giesige.  That pattern is pretty cool, and appears to be easy to memorize, which is handy for knitting outside, or anywhere that lugging around a lace chart could be cumbersome.

And those are just the new Independent Designer patterns at Knit Picks.  There’s a whole world of Lace Knitting books out there, just waiting for me to snap them up.  Two of the books I am most interested in are Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush and A Gathering of Lace compiled by Meg Swansen.  The Estonian Lace is particularly interesting to me because it is so completely unique to that part of the world.  Or it was until the book came out.

Feel free to cast your vote in the comments section!

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