A Wedding and a Return to Normalcy

In my experience, I can tell from the way a bride and groom look at each other during their wedding how the first few years of their marriage will go.  I make no claims to being able to predict long-term happiness or divorce rate, but I honestly believe that the first two or three years of a marriage, barring disaster, are clear on the faces of people being married.

Everyone looks happy on their wedding day, even the people who are worried, afraid, uncertain and nervous.  It’s the nature of the day that people are excited and happy, even if they’re about to lose their lunch over the thought of so many people watching them.

But I believe the couples which are going to be truly, wonderfully, blissfully happy show something a little bit more.

Rob’s and my friends, Ray and Meredith, are one of these couples.

We had the pleasure of attending their wedding on Saturday, and as I watched them say their vows I could see and feel the happiness radiating from them both.  It was so bright and so poignant that it touched me, and I would expect it touched everyone there.

I won’t be going into more detail because it was their wedding, not my personal blog story.  I’ll just say that I am very, very happy for them and am sure they will have a wonderful lifetime together.

I am also pleased to report that Rob and I are once again home!  It has been 11 days since we were last here, and it is wonderful to be back.  The suitcases are unpacked, the groceries have been purchased, the laundry has been started… it’s entirely boring and so incredibly perfect.

Later he’ll be helping me rearrange all the art in our condo.  I can already tell he’s -super- excited (yeah right).  But until then I deserve some down time and will be picking up my sock or my sweater to knit on.

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One Response to A Wedding and a Return to Normalcy

  1. rachey84 says:

    Sounds like you had a great 11 days. 🙂

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