Heading to the Beach

Rob and I are heading to the beach today!  Tomorrow our friends Ray and Meredith will be getting married, and we decided to take an extra day to enjoy the sun and sand.  This should be especially fun as it will be Rob’s first time to ever go to the beach.  Two years ago we went to California where he saw his first ocean, but now, on the opposite side of the continent he will experience his first day of lounging in the sand.

I can only hope my allergic-to-the-outdoors husband enjoys it.

As we are packing up, I’m going to leave this post with my homework for writing class.  Our assignment was to come up with an embarrassing incident at a wedding and write about it from the perspective of three different participants.  One perspective had to be in third person point of view, one in first person point of view, and the last was our choice.

– * – * – * – * –

She’s so lovely.  How could I have given her up?  Lara was spinning around the dance floor in her perfect white dress, all covered in lace and tiny seed pearls.    She looked like every little girl’s dream, and every woman’s envy: the perfect bride.

Is she really happy with Matt, though?  Can she be, I wondered.  Sitting at the bar I tossed back another shot of Cuervo, of all weddings this one required some chemical assistance.  The bartender was making eyes at me between guests, but I wasn’t interested.  Couldn’t he read the signals?  Hello!  Men aren’t my thing!

No, Lara was my thing, but it was too late, she’d married her rebound guy.  I was supposed to be the love of her life.  She wasn’t supposed to forget me!  She damn well wouldn’t forget me!

Slamming the shot glass down on the bar I stood and crossed the dance floor.  Lara saw me coming and smiled, it was full of joy and love and I knew it was meant for me.  Without pausing to think I pulled her into my arms and kissed her.  I kissed her the way I’ve been dreaming of for the past three years, the way we used to kiss; and after her moment of shock, she kissed me back.


“Thanks,” Matt said, shaking his Uncle James’ hand.  They were both watching Lara dancing with an old college friend, “I really am a lucky SOB, aren’t I?”

James laughed, clapping him on the back, “Sure looks like it, Matt.”

Excusing himself, Matt made his way across the room, stopping at the corner of the dance floor.  He was tired; tired of people, tired of talking, tired in general, but watching Lara dance lifted the weight from him.  She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, and she was all his.

He watched as a short brunette crossed the dance floor.  Who was that, Taylor?  Yeah, Taylor.  She and Lara had lived together all four years of school.  He had only met her a handful of times, but she seemed nice enou… What the HELL!

He pushed his way through the now immobilized dancers as a gasp rippled through the guests.  That bitch was kissing his wife!  As he watched Lara lifted her arms and twined them around Taylor’s neck, pulling her closer.  Grabbing her arm, he yanked them apart.  “Just what the hell are you doing?!” He shouted.


Damn, weddings are boring, Mario thought as he adjusted the focus of his camera and snapped a picture.  At least they paid well.  This one should pay for his youngest to go to summer camp.

He lined up another photo, this one of the two flower girls hugging with the bride dancing in the background.  It should be a great shot, too bad he’d taken this picture hundreds of times at hundreds of weddings.  There was never anything new.

“Can you girls move a little to the the left?” he asked, motioning the direction he wanted them to move.  They scooted as one and he lifted the camera once more.  As he fiddled with the focus once again he saw a woman striding towards the bride with purpose and lifted his lense.  As she pulled the bride close and kissed her, he started snapping away.

Now here was a memory the happy couple would love, he thought with gleeful sarcasm.  Eagerly he captured the startled bride, the enraged groom, the shocked crowd, and the eventually loving embrace.  Girl on girl action, this wedding was awesome!

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One Response to Heading to the Beach

  1. Tina Dempter says:


    Surprise ending…LOVED IT!!! Keep going…………..

    With Love, Tina

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