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Cooking with the Nieces

I love Rob’s family.  They’re a great bunch of people and I really could not have been luckier with my in-laws.  I -really- love my nieces. To me, they are just the sweetest girls I’ve ever met.  Sure, they squabble … Continue reading

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Slogging through the mud

I’m not stuck, I’m just mired.  Having taken the past week off of writing due to traveling and visiting, I’ve come back to my book to find myself at a scene where I know it’s not exactly right and it’s … Continue reading

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Morning Pages, take 2

I’ve been writing my morning pages for about a week now, and decided to read the version of The Artist’s Way I downloaded to my Kindle.  I ended up with The Artist’s Way Workbook instead, but let’s not focus on … Continue reading

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Travel Knitting

I am not a good traveler.  I’m a neurotic mess of worry anytime I know I have to submit myself to airports, potential traffic jams, or long periods of confinement.  I just don’t do well. Flying is particularly bad.  I … Continue reading

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Morning Pages

I have been taking a workshop class on writing for the past few weeks, which I believe most of you are aware of.  Today my instructor recommended adding Morning Pages to our daily routine for the remaining weeks of class, … Continue reading

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Creamy Fettuccine with Steak, Mushrooms and Spinach

This was an amazingly delicious dinner.  Rob loves Fettuccine Alfredo, but I’ve never been a fan of canned or jarred Alfredo sauce, so I invented my own Alfredo-like white sauce.  While I supplemented this pasta with steak, mushrooms and wilted … Continue reading

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Turkey Meatloaf

I love meatloaf.  I think it’s a really tasty form of comfort food.  My biggest problem with it, however, is grease.  The only things in this world my body seems to hate more than meat fat are pine trees. It’s … Continue reading

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