A truly wonderful day

Yesterday was amazing and boy am I exhausted!

As I suggested the other day, I come from a large family.  My dad is one of 7 siblings, and I am the middle of 18 cousins.  My older cousins are all married, and all but one has children.  Plural (there are 16 children under 7).

For people who didn’t grow up in a large and close extended family it can seem a little chaotic from the outside.  Truth is, it’s a lot chaotic from the inside, but we love it.  I sometimes wonder how my cousin-in-laws handle it.  Many of them did not grow up in families this large, where only love spreads faster than gossip; Rob certainly didn’t. I wonder if they feel overwhelmed, or intimidated.  I wonder at the ones who have been a part of our family long enough that they slip right in to the chaos.  And I wonder if it’s easier for the women who have married in than the men.

It was interesting to watch Rob yesterday.  His family is 8 people, 9 now that I’m included.  His brother has 3 children, who I have to say are three of the most adorable and well behaved kids I have ever met.  (My little second cousins are all adorable, and I’m sure many of them are even well behaved… but that’s not really one of my family’s defining traits).

Rob is also really quiet and shy.  He’s not a fan of social situations with a lot of people, so yesterday was a little like throwing him into the middle of Lake Michigan to see if he can swim.  He emerged from the party feeling stressed, tired, and grateful to be alive… but I’m pretty sure somewhere along the way he realized he was having fun, too.

I certainly did.

There was lots of talking, playing on the tire swing, “hay rides” in the wagon of the riding lawnmower, bubbles, a water balloon fight, a slip n’ slide, and lots of good company and good food.

I made monster cupcakes for the kids from the book What’s New, Cupcake?

They were easy to make and a big hit.  (The toothpicks came out before serving, but were there to help hold the eyes up.)

With that, I’ll leave you with my favorite picture from the day:

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4 Responses to A truly wonderful day

  1. Lisa says:

    Yeah – we’re making cupcakes at the next writers gathering… 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    Kali – We had such a great time at the picnic – hopefully we’ll get together again soon!

  3. Tina Dempter says:

    What a GREAT TIME ! We should do that more often. Someone suggested my house next…YIKES !

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