A day in the sun

Yesterday was very nice, but ultimately boring which is why there was no post.  Really, the best thing about yesterday was that Rob and I made it from the southern side of DC to 40 miles west of Philadelphia in 2 hours and 34 minutes.  There was no traffic and it was generally stupendous.

Today was nice for more than just abnormally light traffic.

My family golfs.  Not just my parents, but most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins as well.  We’re a golfing family.

Rob golfs, too.  He enjoys golfing so much that he has actually managed to convince me to begin taking lessons so that we can play together.

I’m sure that you’ve already made the leap of logic here, but when we come home to PA my parents, Rob and I all go golfing.  Well, to be entirely truthful, my parents and Rob go golfing, and I drive the cart and knit.  And sometimes I’m busy enough knitting, that mom drives the cart.  But we all get to spend quality time together in the sun, doing something we enjoy doing.

Imagine the problem when I discover this morning that one of the needles I had brought along was broken!  Thankfully I was able to go to the local yarn store, Frou Frou and get a pair of emergency replacement needles.

Now, despite that I am an avid knitter and yarn lover, I have never had a knitting emergency.  I don’t think there are a lot of situations that arise when you absolutely NEED to knit or you will lose every bit of sanity left in your very fragile psyche.  Four hours spent driving around the local country club is definitely one of those time.

I love my parents, we get along great.  I clearly love Rob I even hit a few balls today, but today I needed a sock.

It’s amazing how the simple act of keeping my hands moving can calm my impatient nature.

We’re sitting in the middle of the fairway because the group in front of us is moving slow?  No problem, I have a sock.

Someone’s sliced one off into the woods and we’re all tramping around to find their ball?  No problem, I have a sock.

Dad and Rob are trading a bit of smack talk?  Well, ok… I don’t need a sock for that because I think it’s pretty funny.

When we got to the golf course this morning I had the barest beginnings of a toe, now I have a slight burn and nice tube up to the arch of my foot. In true Yarn Harlot style I took pictures of the sock.  I took a picture of the sock with the score card, and with the course, and I took a picture of the sock on my foot with my family putting in the background.

In true Kali style… I forgot the cord that lets me transfer pictures from the camera to the computer.  So no pictures today.

Tomorrow my parents are hosting the first non-wedding family gathering we’ve had in a few years.  Hopefully around 45 of my 60-person family (on my dad’s side… all aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins-in-law, and cousins’ children) will be here.  I’m one of the few of us who lives more than an hour or so away and I miss everyone.  It will nice to see many of them again, and I can’t wait to see all their children!!

I hope everyone (in the US) has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

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One Response to A day in the sun

  1. Tina Dempter says:

    Kali, it would be nice for the recipiant of “the sock” to have the mate. When do the four of you golf again?

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