The first step is admitting you have a problem

I have a problem…

I have active knitting and spinning projects in my coffee table…

I have a bin of yarn I plan to use “soon” by the TV (and the Rock Band stuff)…

And I have a tower of yarn (and beads) in the nook behind the bedroom door.  Please note, two small bins and a large bin were already removed from this pile.


Clearly it’s time to organize things:

starting to organize

half way there

The amount of yarn that I’m giving to my mom so she can give it to the charity knitters at her church. I think they make prayer shawls.

It’s good to go through your stash every so often.  There was (clearly) a fair bit of yarn that I decided wasn’t right for me to keep for one reason or another.  Some of it was in colors that no longer appealed to me, some of it I had knit with and didn’t enjoy the texture, some of it I had been keeping for YEARS but never used or even considered using, and some I had purchased for projects which no longer interest me.

It’s not bad yarn, it just needs a home with people who will appreciate it.  I don’t knit for charities because it’s not something that ultimately appeals to me, but I feel pretty good giving my de-stashed yarn to people who will enjoy it and use it, and who gift the finished objects to people who could use a bit of love.

While I had literally all the yarn I own piled on my bed (and in bins around my bed that didn’t fit in the picture… yes, there was more), I took the opportunity to rearrange my stash system.

Before I had everything organized by the rather fluid amount that I “liked” the yarn.  The cheep Red Heart yarn that I was planning to make a large blanket out of was in the bottom bin (it’s now going to mom’s church).  The Miss Babs sock yarn was in the bin in the TV room (and still is).  And the other random yarns I plan to use were sorted more or less in the bins in the order of likelihood that I will use them.  The problem with this system is that it changes every time you introduce new yarn.  It wasn’t working for me.

Now I have everything sorted by weight.  The bottom bin is full of bulky weight yarns.  The two bins on top of that are worsted weight yarns (I have a lot of worsted weight).  There’s a bin for lace weight, a bin for DK and sport weight, a bin for tools, and one of those really large bins is filled with fingering or sock weight yarn.  I have a LOT of sock weight yarn, even more than I have in worsted weight, which surprised me to no end.  Especially as I don’t knit socks.

I’m now planning to take up sock knitting, but most of the sock yarn I have is for sweaters – the smaller the stitches in a sweater are, the better they look.  Unfortunately, to get small stitches you need to use small yarn and small needles which ends up meaning that sweaters take forever to knit.  So they’re a bit on the back burner for now.

While I was sorting through all this yarn (heaven!), I was also thinking about what to bring on vacation with me.  I’ve been working on the Wicked sweater, but that’s large enough that it’s in the unweildy stage now.  I may bring it along, but I’m just not sure.

my sweater with my cell in the pocket (it's purple, too)

I’m working on a huge garter stitch bag which I’ll felt down when I’m done, so that’s coming because it’s simple and still relatively small.  I’m working on a pair of socks, but they are two socks on two needles with a fair isle pattern, and four balls of yarn attached to my needles is just too much to tote around with me on vacation.  I need something simpler!

the two color socks (black and hand painted purple) and the garter stitch bag (yellow)

So that leaves me with some spinning or a lace cowl that I can bring along with me that I’ve already got started.  Looks like I’ll be starting something new!!!   Once I decide what it is, I’ll let you all know.

By the way, can anyone else looking at these pictures tell I love purple?  Sheesh.

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One Response to The first step is admitting you have a problem

  1. Tina Dempter says:

    With all this knitting, Kali, when do you have time for golf?

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