The Beginning

My life tends to be fluid.  I’ll get an idea, think about it for a little while, mull over the consequences, and ultimately jump in head-first without the slightest idea what I am doing and simply figure things out as I go.  This is another one of those times.

I have come to blogging through the back door in a way.  I enjoy reading blogs and checking in to see what will be discussed that day, but I never thought I could write one myself.  I didn’t think I had enough to say, or that I would be consistent at it – I can’t even keep a personal journal.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a blog is not a journal, it’s a conversation.  A one-sided conversation without an audience perhaps, but a conversation nonetheless.  That’s something I can do.

So what will this blog be about?  Essentially, it will be about me and my creative outlets.  I’ll talk about writing, knitting, spinning (yarn), cooking, beading, and all the other crafts I do to keep my hands and mind busy.  I’ll discuss Rob, my husband, and my friends (with their permission) only as they pertain to the categories above.  The story about Rob melting his ice cream into burnt goo in the microwave is fair game, but the story about our argument over what color to paint the bathroom is not. (I made that up – the bathroom has been green since I moved in.)

Ultimately, I hope to share some of my knowledge and experiences with you, and I hope that you’ll share some with me in return.

Thank you for visiting, I hope to see you again.

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2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. Jon says:

    Suggestion for your blogroll:
    On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess by Dr. Isis
    Here’s her description:

    The Egyptian goddess Isis was celebrated as the ideal wife and mother. The blogger known as Dr. Isis has some fancy-sounding degrees and is a physiologist at a major research university working on some terribly impressive stuff. She blogs about balancing her research career with the demands of raising small children, how to succeed as a woman in academia, and anything else she finds interesting. Also, she blogs about shoes. In fact, she blogs a lot about shoes.

    Fair warning: Isis’ language is sometimes a little salty.

  2. Jon says:

    For some reason, I read your pseudonym as topspin a yarn. Made me wonder what weird things putting topspin on a ball of yarn would do to a sweater.

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